Our Core Competencies

Michael Tobias Content Marketing's team is able to handle the most complex communication tasks. Based on experience and expertise in content creation as well as a high degree of process control, MTCM chooses the most efficient way of working to turn any of your projects into real success. Coupled with outstanding creativity, this is our core competency - in all our business sectors.

    Despite the increasing importance of digital communication, printed media still plays an important role. MTCM offers high-quality printed media, ranging from posters and flyers to customer or employee magazines. All these media are characterised by their valuable content based on editorial quality criteria.


    Professional video content is on the rise. MTCM organizes and designs videos based on viewing habits to ensure that the content reaches the target groups and draws attention. When it comes to experience and technology, we continue to have a great advantage over our competitors: MTCM has its own professional video equipment and two fully equipped editing suites.


    MTCM supports press offices with good and valuable content for the relevant channels, fulfilling all media requirements for state-of-the-art public relations. The experienced and competent team also sustains good relationships with editors at a professional level.


    Digital Marketing comprises communication on all Internet channels, including social media platforms, apps for mobiles, intranet and e-mails. MTCM has the editorial competence to create the right content for each and every channel. MTCM also knows which tools are needed to reach specific target groups on the different platforms.

Working Areas

Change Communication

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Internal Communication

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Public Affairs

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Employer Branding

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HSE Communication

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External Communication

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Crisis Communication

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Brand Positioning

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Media Training

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Selected Activities

  • All projects
  • Content Creation
  • Corporate Film
  • Media Design

Our Team

Michael Tobias


Sandra Tobias

Office Manager

Charlene Kelly

PR Editor

Sandra Herold

PR Trainee

Maurice M. Tobias

Media Design Trainee

Tom Maurer

Media Design Trainee

Sarah Tobias

Back Office

Abbi First of Bats

Office Dog

Our Values

At MTCM, we are strongly committed to our value-oriented company culture. Our content marketing is carried out on the basis of the Code of Conduct of the IPRA. Adopted in 2011, the IPRA Code of Conduct is an affirmation of professional and ethical conduct by members of the International Public Relations Association and is recommended to public relations practitioners worldwide.

Our success is also based on our corporate values:


We ensure that our clients are at the heart of what we do. We treat our customers with professionalism, honesty and respect. It‘s in our DNA.


We believe that trust is an integral part of good business. We are direct, honest, transparent and fair.


We ensure ever-increasing quality, so that our customers and our staff can be proud of our work.


We have the flexibility to turn challenges into opportunities and to meet all daily demands.

Our Current Clients Include




You’ll find us in Solingen, the “City of Blades” and brand awareness.

It stands for excellent quality – and not only in the area of precision knives and cutting equipment. Our offices are located next to Südpark, where the Product Design Forum pools the design know-how of the city, and where artists use the 16 studios set up in the former railway depots as working and living space.

The location thus provides an appropriate creative environment for our agency.

You will find us in a street called "Werwolf". But don’t be afraid to visit us – we can assure you that there are no fearsome creatures lurking around.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

How to find us [pdf file]

  • Address: Werwolf 38, 42651 Solingen Germany
  • Phone: +49 212 38 34 22 90
  • Email: office@michael-tobias.com