50 Years of SGK NRW on Film

2. September 2022 Wiebke

In 2022, SGK NRW, an association of local social democratic politicians in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany, celebrated its 50th anniversary. MTCM joined SGK NRW early on to create a film showcasing the eventful history and future, duties and responsibilities of the association. The agency came up with an innovative script, contacted participants and interview partners such as Thomas Kutschaty, the leader of NRW SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), and travelled to various locations to film. In the end, more than 600 GB of video material were collected – almost exclusively in 4K quality. In addition to the anniversary film, MTCM also provided two shortened versions for SGK NRW to use on its social media channels. The film was a huge success at the anniversary celebration.