The Age of the Digital Agency

15. Januar 2021 Hanna

Over the past year, Michael Tobias Content Marketing (MTCM) has changed its customer communication: Almost all orders are now received by digital means and almost all invoices are sent the same way. Behind the scenes, MTCM has set up new digital channels to reduce bureaucracy and enhance the customer experience.

“We have invested in training as well as infrastructure to offer numerous ways of communicating with MTCM,” says Sandra Tobias, who is responsible for ensuring smooth accounting processes at MTCM. As part of these efforts, the agency has established a new inhouse document workflow. “At the end of this workflow, we are able to print the invoice in the conventional way or to generate a PDF document, which can be sent via email as well as uploaded to customer platforms like Ariba from SAP,” states Sandra Tobias.

The uploaded invoices in the Ariba network can be used directly within the SAP environment, thereby simplifying the clients’ processes from procurement to payment.


“We are committed to innovation. And innovation is not a single invention, innovation is an attitude,” says MTCM’s Director Michael Tobias. “Innovative communication for our customers and innovative ways of communicating with our customers are different sides of the same coin. We want to design all our working processes in an innovative manner.”


In its anniversary year 2020, MTCM’s digitalization efforts are clearly visible. “For our customers using SAP, we commenced with a fully integrated Ariba end-to-end workflow in spring 2020. This covers everything from the offer to the order and the invoice,” says Sandra Tobias.